Refrigeration equipment spare parts and refrigerants-Compressors

In 1995, the company expanded its business activities to include refrigeration equipment, spare parts for home and industrial use, as well as refrigerants. We are now the sole agents for several reputable global manufactures in this field.

We are the sole agents of the American company DU PONT in Syria; as well as TEE HERMETIC
COMPRESSORS company; producers of compressors for refrigeration equipment under
license from the American company TECUMSEH, for home and industrial refrigeration.
These compressors are compatible with R12, R22 or substitute SUVA 134a gases.


Type of imported refrigeration gases include:
Freon R11, R12,R22, R502.
SUVA 134a, HP80, HP62, MP39.

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A part of the gases and compressors, we import all refrigerants and their spare parts,
including: Glass Wool, Thermostats, Relays, Overloads, Protectors, Fans, Copper tubes,
Soldering rods